Coventry Green Apartments

Clarence, New York

The project consists of 216 apartment units in 18 separate buildings on a 15 acre site and a 3,500 square foot community building and several garage buildings. The overall project cost amounted to $18,000,000 with building construction cost at $ 54 per-square-foot. (Completion in 2000.)

The intent was to create privacy and comfort in a dense suburban living environment and to facilitate community-building as desired by occupants.

The buildings were oriented on the site for maximum privacy, view, and climatic conditions. All the garage buildings and many parking lots were tucked away in cul-de-sacs at the side and between buildings. The walking distance from parking areas to individual apartment entrances was designed to be as short as possible.

A community building with meeting room, lounge, fitness center, and outdoor pool allows for social opportunities amongst residents.

Significant challenges for this project were to stay within budget, which was accomplished, and to create privacy and individuality. It is also notable that this major national apartment developer and owner was willing to deviate from the "box architecture" so typical for this type of project.