Dockside Townhouse Apartments

East Amherst, New York

The Dockside Townhome and Apartment development is a 250 unit multi-family complex located on Transit Avenue in East Amherst, NY. The complex is part of a village-type development which will include single family homes, senior housing and small commercial and retail development to be built in a later stage.

The aspiration is to build a neighborhood which can bring people of diverse age and incomes into daily interaction, strengthening the personal and civic bonds essential to an authentic community. This was achieved with a broad range of housing types and price levels and a pedestrian-friendly and walkable environment anchored by a centrally located community center and park.

The housing types range from single family patio homes to townhomes for sale, luxury apartments and apartments above garages for lease. Interconnected sidewalks protected from the street with a tree-lined buffer zone designed to encourage walking and reduce the number and length of non-essential automobile trips. The community center and park with playing fields is the “village” center and the interactive social hub for the residents.

Particular attention has been paid to the relationship of buildings to the street and the public realm to encourage interaction and a sense of community. All housing units have front porches and are close to the public realm to encourage interaction. All garages and resident parking are tugged away behind buildings and accessible from alleys.

Most permits are obtained and construction should start in late 2005.