Brisbane Building

Buffalo, New York

The building was erected in 1894 and is a well known landmark located on Main Street in Buffalo. After the loss of a major retail tenant in the 1980’s, the ground floor of this seven story building was subject to vacancies and steady turn-overs. Through numerous tenant improvements, the original design of the building was altered and compromised.

The project’s intent was two-fold: to create a welcoming entrance and lobby area on the ground floor conducive to the building’s many professional tenants and to provide a friendly pedestrian walkway for people going from Main to Washington Street.

To achieve this goal, a 5,000 square foot space was created by eliminating unnecessary hallways, staircases and an abandoned elevator. An interior court was designed to allow building tenants and visitors to congregate and admire the intricate brass details of the original elevator doors. An existing deli was expanded and other small retail spaces were created opening up onto the interior court. The storefronts are traditional in design and materials including wood, glass, and transom glass. The “ribbed” ceiling layout reflects the existing structural grid and is mirrored in the tiled floor design. The same structural rhythm was also applied to the wall surfaces with “boxed-out” columns continuing the sense of unity and order so apparent in the original design.